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EPIX: The Education Program for International Executives

Enhance your effectiveness as an international executive in the Dutch boardroom


With its strong global orientation, the Netherlands appears to be an open, diverse, and approachable society. However, as you settle in, you will start discovering an ambiguous system of practices, network structures, dynamics, and cultural subtleties that may surprise you.

The Dutch business community is highly networked, with relationships that often date back to university and that are fostered through close-knit and hard to access events and get-togethers. Its formal governance processes are quite unique and different from those in other jurisdictions, and the informal processes tend to be ambiguous and – on the surface – cumbersome and slow. This so-called ‘poldermodel’ has strong historical roots and is quite distinct from for example the Anglo-Saxon governance model.

To succeed in the Dutch corporate environment, you must understand these cultural nuances, the stakeholders and Dutch governance in general. Only then, are you able to enrich the dialogue and decision making in the boardroom. The Education Program for International Executives (EPIX) assists non-Dutch senior executives in acquiring a deeper understanding of formal board governance, provides valuable insight into the Netherlands' formal and informal conventions, and establishes a lasting executive network of non-Dutch peers and prominent Dutch academics and business leaders.

For whom

The Education Program for International Executives (EPIX) is geared towards non-Dutch senior executives who are new to the Dutch business environment and those who seek to better understand its peculiarities and dynamics, and expand their network.


The cohort for the EPIX program is limited to a maximum of 12 participants to allow for meaningful and in-depth dialogue. It operates under Chatham House rules to ensure attendees and presenters can freely share experiences and observations. Each of the elements will be highly interactive to maximize relevance and to allow everyone to learn from each other as well as from the facilitators. There will be ample opportunity to get to know each other to build a lasting network of peers.  The program will be taught by leading Dutch business execs and non-execs, government leaders, and academia.

The program combines an historical perspective to better understand the cultural underpinnings of Dutch business practices, with an overview of the formal and informal workings of governance and with practical experiences from seasoned leading board members.    

The program consists of two sessions with a similar time commitment:

Day 1:

17.30 – 21.30 | Meet-and-greet followed by dinner, including speaker

Day 2:

09.00 – 17.30 | Program

19.00 – 21.30 | Meet-and-greet followed by dinner, including speaker

Day 3

09.00 – 17.45 | Program

Timing and expenses

The dates for the first EPIX cohort are:

2024 - 2025
Session 1: Wednesday (evening) 6th, Thursday 7th, and Friday 8th November 
Session 2: To be discussed. Tentative dates: 18,19 and 20 June 2025, and 25,26,27 June 2025 (depending on participants' agendas).

2025 - 2027

Session 1: Wednesday (evening) 5th, Thursday 6th, and Friday 7th November 2025
Session 2: To be discussed, end of June 2026

To maximize impact, we strongly suggest that attendees participate in every module including the evenings. Sufficient breaks are planned to allow for catching up with each other and/or the office. 

Fees: € 19.800, - excl. BTW. This includes all materials, meals and lodging. 

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